Thoughts from a medical appointment

I had an appointment today with a physician’s assistant, and it was delightful.

I’ll just let that sink in a moment…




Yes, a medical appointment that was not painful nor stressful, and was in fact affirming and positive and encouraging. Wow! Props to the medical community (and my dr’s office specifically) for doing something right. The reason for this visit was to establish a baseline for my health and health practices, which will be followed up from time to time as I tweak behaviors and see if improvements can be made. So – probably a good deal of the ease of this appointment had to do with the fact that I wasn’t there for a scary diagnosis. Whew! But also, Tricia, the PA I met with, was so lovely and encouraging about current behaviors and practices. I always go to medical appointments with a fair amount of dread, expecting to be told, even if ever so nicely, that I should do things better – eat more healthfully, exercise more…

But Tricia praised so highly many of the current practices and decisions I have or have made, and I left feeling so darn good about myself. I think that alone goes a long way towards ensuring that a person will continue positive behaviors and modify less-positive ones. Medical community – take note!

Less delightful but amusing side note: the nurse (who was also a kind and lovely person) used “a” where I consider it not appropriate, and in my juvenile way, kinda hilarious. Case in point: “Let’s get a weight”…oh, you mean MY weight? 🙂 Or, “Let’s get a blood pressure reading”…and again I feel like saying, “Yes, let’s! We can take my car!” because I’m immature and hilarious that way. It’s the same when I’m at a store, checking out with my purchases, and the cashier asks “Can I get a zip code?” I say yes and give her one from a long time ago. Hilarious, I say!!